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The official logo of our Club is the 'Skull and cross bones' alias the 'Jolly Roger' symbol.  The Club has a long history for both Swimming and Waterpolo.  The Club was founded in 1929 (and affiliated to Leinster Branch in 1936). Although the official name of the Club is 'North Dublin Winter Swimming Club'; the Club has also been referred to/known as 'North Dublin Waterpolo Swimming Club'!! There are many stories to be told and memories to relive but unfortunately this site cannot do them justice.  However,  any stories received will be gratefully incorporated in the site... 

Latest News...

A huge congratulations to the over 40s team(s) who have now won their second tournment this year (Sept 2012). And well done to the U14 team also another winning team. A big hard luck to the division 1 senior mens team who after leading the national league lost the title in the play-offs.

And finally another warm congratulationa to all the members who competed in the annual Camlough tournment/races this year (August 2012) - winning the outdoors waterpolo tournment for the first time!!

...Well Done to all the guys & gals and supporters...


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Apologies for delays in processing feedback (spam ahahhhhh!!). All form contact has been passed to the relevant club members.... (Sept 2012)

...and finally the winter is coming..roll on Christmas morning swim...checkout last years beautiful weather... (summer take note...sun and blue skies!!!!)





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